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Hotel Šumava ve Vyšším Brodě Kavárna Cisterciáský klášter ve Vyšším Brodě

Rafting on the Vltava River with a unique experience

We offer a complete boat and raft rental service on the Vltava River in Vyšší Brod.
Your only worry will be to get to us and we’ll take care of everything from there.
We organise trips down the Vltava River for individuals, groups, companies and schools.
We will gladly compose a full programme for your free time.
You can also make use of discounted packages that include accommodation.



Why rent from us?

  • As a matter of principle, we provide only high-quality brand equipment in good condition.
  • The prices include all the necessary rafting equipment at no further cost.
  • Individual transport of people without long waits.
  • Secure parking for your vehicle, free of charge.
  • Expert training and a personal attitude.


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